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Greetings Bluca fam! 🐳

It’s time to know each information about the Alisia in case you’ve missed it.

What is Alisia?

Alisia is the name of a giant planet. A magical world, full of Blucamons living in each of the continents.

In the first part of the game, we introduce you to the first continent that is the center of the world, “Keolin”, and Mt.Sapphire.

Keolin — is a place to explore for many rewards. Contain with many regions/subregions.

Mt.Sapphire — is a place to gain $BLUC


This magical mountain is the main source of all magical energy in Alisia. It keeps the balance of all nature between all kinds of living things.

Mt.Sapphire — In the middle of Keolin

Explorers can stake their blucamons up to 10 units. Gaining a $BLUC as a reward. The giant pool has a “Daily $BLUC dropped” depending on the total power of all explorers.

The more power of blucamon you sent, the more % you got from the pool.

As you can see in the table above, the daily $BLUC drop will increase/decrease to the next level depending on the total power of blucamons.


Keolin contains 5 main regions that are totally different in terms of climate.

Region 3 — Summerfell
  • Panora: Forests, flora, herbivores, and a mysterious waterfall exist in this region. This area is safe for explorers, as it is largely occupied by calm blucamon.
  • Northglen: Is it true that winter is approaching? This is not the case. This area has a year-round cold climate. The majority of the blucamon in this area can survive the cold, but not with humans.
  • Summerfell: This is where humanity’s capital city is located. In the town’s heart, a massive sakura tree stands surrounded by human buildings.
  • Bone Scrape: A bone-filled wasteland. This is a dangerous spot, and explorers should only enter if they have a strong blucamon.
  • Dragonstone: Dragon used to live here, but we have no idea where they are or why they vanished. Maybe they’re all extinct, but what are the chances? A powerful magical wind blows through this area. If you’re a rookie, stay away from this area.

How to play?

Each of the main regions is contained with subregions that have specific requirements to explore.


  • Number of blucamons (Required)
  • Rarity (Same rarity or higher | Required)
  • Power
  • Elements

For example, 1 Common Blucamon with the fire element is required in the Panora Forest subregion (1–1). In the Wintercore subregion (2–7), however, 2 Uncommon and 1 Rare Blucamon with 200 total power and 2 random elements are required (random every day).

The elements requirement is a true-false value, if it’s not fully matched, it’s false. If it’s false, the success chance will be multiplied by 0.8

If the overall power of your blucamons sent to explore is less than the requirement, the success chance will be calculated by the Total power of Blucamon divided by the Requirement power of each subregion.


The total ticket is 5. Using one ticket to explore each subregion.

Every day at 17:00 UTC, the ticket will reset to 5 again.

Q: If I explored at 16:59 UTC on 5 subregions, when can I have the ticket back?
A: at 17:00 UTC, despite the exploration that has not finished yet, you will receive all tickets back.


Each of the successful explores has a fixed reward and a chance to receive a chest.


Fixed rewards contained Spirit and Emerald

The chest contained Spirit, Emerald, Fragments, and Amethyst

Emerald: Use for purchase a booster item.
Spirit: Use for leveling up the blucamon.
Fragments: Use to redeem some blucamon that is available in the region.
Amethyst: A rare stone used for purchase a limited blucamon.


Q: Do I need to pay a gas fee ($BNB) when exploring each subregion?
A: No, you don’t need to.

Q: When will the final egg sale occur?
A: We have no concrete date just yet, but somewhere around February.

Q: How many budgets do I need for playing Alisia?
A: You can start with only 1 Blucamon but it won’t go much further on each subregion.

Q: Is there any way to receive a ticket besides the reset time?
A: There is no other way right now.

Q: If I transfer the Blucamon into the new wallet, can I use that Blucamon?
A: The blucamon can be transferred to a different wallet. However, if that blucamon has already been explored or is currently explored, it cannot be used until the next day, reset on 17:00 UTC.

That’s all the information you need to know at the beginning of Alisia (BETA). As always, we give the community our first priority, your feedback is very important to us.

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