April Development

Greetings Bluca fam!

Time flies and we are so excited for more things to come this quarter. After the successful launch of the $BLUC token, the plans are still the same as the team are thrives to release our next features

Previous month

After releasing the tokens, we listed the $BLUC in both CoinMarketCap and Coingecko

Items & Shop

The shop has now open, explorers can now use the items in the Bluca world.


The farm is open for players to stake the tokens and received $SCR as a reward

  • BLUC
  • $SCR can be used to redeem a new Blucamon egg

Mt.Sapphire (NFT Staking)

Mt.Sapphire is now launched with a total power of 2.5m of the Blucamon

Don’t forget that there are power bonuses to be calculated

This month

Unfortunately, after the public listing of our tokens, our devs team has been diagnosed with covid-19. Forcing an immediate quarantine.

Luckily that most of our crews didn’t have serious damage from the covid and continued the plans of the development


At the end of this month, we are proud to release our own Bluca marketplace.

CEX (Centralized Exchange)

During the same period, we will list $BLUC in the top 15 centralized-exchange. More details coming soon.

Also, we have a big surprise in May 👀

Stay tuned...



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