Bluca — IDO Announcement

Greetings Bluca fam, we have been through a lot of successful events in the past. All of the Standard and Exclusive eggs have been sold out in just a few minutes with enormous demand.

Our roadmap is continuing, our team is working hard for a quality product as always. At this moment, the plan is to do the IDO of our $BLUC token. We have reached out and announced our IDO partnership with GAMI, Babylons, and Mochi.Market. There is one launchpad left that we didn’t announce yet.

The crypto market

The crypto market and the current market sentiment is in “Extreme Fear”. All of the tokens across the board have fallen heavily following the Bitcoin price.

The total market cap of crypto at the peak last year is around 3 Trillion. Right now, it is just around 1.5 Trillion.

Projects that do IDO in these times have a very small chance to succeed a raise.

Our IDO decision

The Bluca team has been talking to both advisors and our launchpad partners about the current situation. We decided to postpone the IDO temporarily due to the current market conditions.

We have to decide this way because of many reasons

  • The current market condition and sentiment is bad
  • Very low volume on all space
  • Chinese New Year will last 16 days, starting from January 31th until February 15th. Causing a cashout from the crypto space.

Currently, we don’t have an exact date for when the IDO will take place during this downside. We decided to temporarily delay the IDO for 3 weeks from now. Nonetheless, we are monitoring the market and will update you as soon as possible about our next decision.

Current Roadmap

Apart from the tokens and the bad news, The Alisia BETA will be launched on January 31st. Moreover, we decided to do the final egg sale events. Stay tuned for more details.

Features and Events on Q1 🔥

  • Alisia (BETA)
  • The Final Standard Egg Sale (Season 0+1)
  • Mt. Saphhire (NFT Staking)
  • Yield Farming
  • Breeding
  • Inventory, Level up, Shop
  • Evolution
  • Alisia Ranking
  • Blucadex

As always, Bluca team has to thank all of you for the support along the journey.

We are still the same as in the beginning, aiming to be a “Fun + Quality of art” game. We want to shine the NFT and let it be an actual collective thing.

See you soon, Bluca fam! 🐳



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