Explanation of Gas & Fee

Good afternoon Bluca’s friends, today we writing this article to explain the gas price and the fee income of the platform

For the most clarification, please take a look at the details below.

Most of the players right now have a problem with the high price of gas when they are staking both tokens (Farm: https://bluca.io/game/farm) and NFT (Mt.Sapphire: https://alisia.bluca.io/mt-sapphire)

Our teams acknowledged a problem about this one and found a way to fix the problem. We will update the solution in a few days

But please understand right that “The Gas and the Fee are different”


The high price of gas is occurring due to the algorithm of the staking contract that we are using right now.

First, we are trying to update every data for users to see, including Total stake, Power, etc. The problem is the algorithm creates a high amount of loops that check every transaction to update the new data on whether new users are coming to stake or un-stake. As the result, the gas is very high.

Estimated gas fee


Our team will close the stake/un-stake on both tokens (Farm: https://bluca.io/game/farm) and NFT (Mt.Sapphire: https://alisia.bluca.io/mt-sapphire) for maintenance.

We will snapshot the user’s reward at that time when closing the pool. And open the emergency un-stake (normal gas price). After that, we will launch the new contract with the new algorithm. Then, users can now stake/claim normally.

We will not collect any fees for a duration of 1 week after open the v2

Please note that the old farm and mt.sapphire will no longer distribute rewards. All rewards will be transferred to the new contract.


Every user needs to un-staking the old Farm and Mt.sapphire to the new one.

  1. Announcement to close the Mt.Sapphire v1 (April 26th, 9 am UTC)
  2. Announcement to close the Farm v1 (April 27th, 9 am UTC) (https://bluca.io/game/farm)
  3. In the meantime, users can un-stake from the v1 (https://alisia.bluca.io/mt-sapphire)
  4. The team launched the new Mt.Sapphire v2 (April 28th, 9 am UTC) (https://alisia.bluca.io/mt-sapphire-v2)
  5. The team launched the new Farm v2 (April 29th, 9 am UTC) (https://bluca.io/game/farm)



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